Friday, June 01, 2007

KnoxNews: Local

Knoxville makes the national news!!!

KnoxNews: Local

This story has been cracking me up. Seems this state cop took up a Knoxville part-time resident, part-time porn actress (Knoxville has one of those?) up on her offer of a blowjob to make a drug charge go away, and now the cop is in trouble because of a little thing of behaving badly in uniform, and using state equipment (his laptop) to visit her porn website. It's gotten coverage on (,,,, in papers in Salt Lake City, UT, among others, and even on the national news (seems she was invited to fly out to New York to do the morning news shows).

The cop was about to be fired, but he resigned first to keep his pension, and apparently he now facing felony charges (though the starlet in question has some things to say about that:-),1406,KNS_347_5564346,00.html. Apparently, she's quite miffed that she's being put in the position of victim.

She's, meanwhile, been finding her website hit count has gone through the roof. Getting more popular every day! It's become a pay site (WARNING: (duh!) ADULT MATERIAL), but has a blog that talks a lot about the latest goings on:

This is the best local news I've come across since I moved here in 1985!

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