Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Terrible Customer Service

I just got done helping my dear mother post a complaint about a local shoe store where she recently had problems. I'll post her complaint message in a sec, but let me just break it down for you.

She goes to this Bakers Shoes joint and buys some shoes she likes. The sales gal asks if she wants to keep the shoe box, and my mom says naah, I don't need it. All good, right?

Well, my mother decides that maybe she really didn't need these shoes, after all, the pointy toes don't quite fit her style like they did in the 1960s (she's in her 70s, but as formidable a woman as I've ever known -- I'm proud she's my ma, you know?), so she takes them back the next day to return them.

The gal who helps her happens to be the manager of the store....

She happens to be the same gal who sold them the day before....

And she says that, because she didn't have the shoe box, she couldn't return the shoes!

My mother reminds her that she gave her the option of going with or without box, and she'd never mentioned that the box was a requirement for returning them. And mind you, this is not something she'd encountered since coming here in the sixties.

So read on below, and use this experience as a guide to whether or not you want to shop at Bakers Shoes. With customer service like this, why would anyone?

After living in the United States since 1966, I never had any problems returning merchandise until today. I went into your store (in Irving mall 3649 Irving mall TX 75062, tel: 972 594 4974) Friday 12/27/2007 and bought a pair of boots: your salesperson, who happened to be the manager ( I just learned it today), asked me if I wanted a box: I said "no, a plastic bag will be ok", nothing more was said. I paid with a credit card.

Today, Sunday 12/ 23/2007, getting ready to pack for the holidays, I thought that pointed shoes were OK for a 30 years old in the sixties but not for a 70 years old grandma in 2007 and decided to return them and exchanged them for something more comfortable. Let me be clear on this, I had not even worn the shoes outside of the store.

I talked to the same person: Krystal: (and I supposed that the number next to her name is hers:) 35528 who told me that they don't accept returns, when I pointed out that there was no mention of no return in the sales receipt, she told me that they do not accept return without the box: I pointed out that she didn't mention anything about having the box if I wanted to return the shoes, when I bought them on Friday she then asked one of the other assistant to call somebody (I think I heard the word security) but after a day of Christmas shopping the only thing I wanted to do was going home. I then asked if there was somebody who was wearing shoes size ten: and a beautiful young lady who is expecting a baby told me yes: I then gave her the shoes.
I do not have to tell you that I will send this note to all my friends and I will never put my feet (excuse me with shoes from other store) in your store.

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