Friday, October 03, 2008

Palin, Russia, Invasions and the Alaska Highway

Okay, I've heard this National Guard and Putin's Ugly Head in Alaska bullshit for a long time, and I need to figure out one thing.

Why, in heaven's name, would anyone seriously think Alaska is such a prize that the governor could seriously be considered a "commander-in-chief" protecting the United States from invasion?

I mean, okay, sure we get invaded. Maybe Russians drop off an invasion force off the north slope. Are we assuming that the United States military radar facilities and air resources are not going to be able to catch them? That's not National Guard, under the governor's purview. That's the president's oversight.

But sure, okay, they slip past them, right? Sneak down the icy slopes, with warm parkas and plenty of vodka to keep the chill off.

Now, when they're ready to place their forces to attack the rest of the nation, are we expected to believe that the invading Russkies are going to sneak down the 1500 mile Alaskan Highway that is surrounded by Canadian territory the whole way, fully exposed to satellites and any passing Moose and local Canadians, just to get to Washington and invade the contiguous states of our nation?

How gullible are people, really?

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