Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Moving to Louisville, KY, summer 2010

My wife, who is half-way through a 3 year residency, has been offered and plans to accept a position at a veterinary clinic in Louisville, KY, when her residency is over.

Thus, we will be moving in a year and a half. My hope is that I will be able to continue at my current place of employment, which I love and hope to retire from (which is a strange thought for an IT person to think, as there seem to be so few companies that last that long, do not lay off their employees, and offer benefits worth staying for). But if I cannot, I want to be sure that when I get to Louisville, I already have a deep appreciation for what the IT industry is like there, what non-IT companies exist that invest well in an IT infrastructure, what companies treat their employees well and are stable and appear to understand their place in their industry well enough to suggest they will last a long time.

I'd like also to know where I can reliably find good food, good entertainment (I think the theater scene is great there), museums, parks, shopping (my wife likes to shop, can you believe it?).

Most importantly, I would like to find out where I can find us a good home, fenced in yard, good sized fenced in yard, plenty of space in the home, good neighborhood, good traffic.

Do you know anyone in Louisville, KY?

If you know anyone in Louisville, please post here whatever you need from me to get their contact information. I've been in Knoxville since 1985, with the exception of just 9 months, and I have come to value the in-depth knowledge a long-term resident can have about a city and it's businesses.


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