Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I Am Mighty

I Am Mighty:
by Vania Smrkovski
Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You try to weigh me down, but I am mighty, and I will dominate, and I will defeat you.

Yes! I am made up of chemicals, neurons, imbalances, experiences, scars, self-esteem, and

Yes! I know the words of my own doom by heart and hear their echo still, and

Yes! I still hear the words from the school yard, the school bus, from college, from work, from the darkest night in bed alone and weary and teary and afraid, but

You! Cannot defeat me and

You! Cannot break me and

You! Will not define me for

You! Are but what I make of you and

I! Will not be limited by the world you paint for me, you deamons of doubt and fear and anger and angst and self-loathing.

For while I cannot control the tidal flow of despair that you create in my mind and my soul,

I can still choose how to respond

And I will defeat you

And I will perservere

For even in the deepest pit of depression and despair, my tears will erode you, my fury will blow you down, and you must know that I am mightier than you can ever conceive.


Vania 3.0, it's happening.... The writing, the act itself, the inspiration, has come back to me.....

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