Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Big Bang Theory on - Home

The Big Bang Theory on - Home

Holy smokes! This was an unexpectedly funny show. I kept expecting a train wreck, and even now I'm not sure how many shows I'll get to see before it is taken off the air, but this show is well written, the dialog is timed perfectly, and I'm going to enjoy every show I can!

PS, if you have a TiVo and Amazon Unbox, download the pilot show and pause it at the end when you can find a white page with text on it. A very funny bonus!


Ryler32 said...

The show is going nowhere. It is doing very well in the ratings. It finished 2nd in its time slot only second to the mighty Dancing With The stars. It is funny and people love it. It will be on for a long time.

VSmirk said...

I'm mighty happy to hear that.