Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My one published work

And I say to you, the stars in the sky are great in number, but a mind's emotions are greater .... And when thrown in among them, 'tis far easier a thing to get lost.

And as you stand gaping at me from your place, you imagine patterns, as I do the same with you ... patterns of allusion showing my every desire, my every fire, my every light.

And still I stand among them, covered in cold vacuum, surrounded by the lights of myriad passions and pains I simply do not understand.

And still I gaze at the wonder of them all, pulling at one another, spinning debris throughout my universe of thought, leaving some non-existent creator within me to clean ... to organize, to comprehend.

And you say to me that understanding begins with traveling from one thought and emotion at a time, and whether the patterns in the stars be illusion or real, being and identity can only exist with every star in its own place.

Vania Smrkovski

I'd have to look up the exact year, but I published this sometime around the turn of 80s to 90s. Hope you enjoyed it!

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ikildjennie said...

I feel you...it is true...for you the stars, for me the sea, both vast, lonely, and full of life and its mysteries.