Thursday, September 17, 2009

Very frustrated with Palm and Palm Support for Pre!!!!

My Google Calendar and my Pre tend to stop syncing some appointments, and it terribly abuses repeating events if you have made an exception on one device and not the other.

eChatting with support rep Valborg was like pulling teeth. I had to explain my problem numerous times as he kept mis-stating the problem and giving me solutions that had nothing to do with what I said.

Finally, it came down to a problem with the way Palm synchronizes repeating events from Google Calendar and the Pre, and he kept insisting that GCal events that are changed from the repeating schedule SHOULD exist on the Pre, even if they have been deleted or rescheduled from GCal.

Asking him if there would be a change addressing this problem in the future release of WebOS turned out to be futile, as he insisted again that this was correct behavior.

Please. If you have a repeating event on Google for 7PM and you change one day so the event occurs at 9P, the whole notion of synchronization means that you should not have to have a 7P AND 9P event on your Pre. It should know that the 7P has been changed!

If you are going to tell me of a work-around, then admit that it is a work-around and tell me if there is a chance the behavior will be corrected. Do not talk to your customer like they are children!


Anonymous said...

Your attitude not be helping the problem sir. What you describing is correct behavior. Calm down sir. Did you try rebooting the device? No? Try that sir. Thank you and come again.

VSmirk said...


Funny stuff!